VegiDay & All the care from our fields to your table.

VegiDay is an agricultural company focused on the production of green vegetables such as Lettuce, Celery and mainly Spring Onions.

About Us

Our Vision

Is the continuous improvement of our products and production methods while we are working to minimize our impact to natural enviroment.

Our Objective

Vegiday Team with external Associates and Technical Consultants form a fast growing organization which is one of the leaders in the market.

Our Facilities

The company cultivates proprietary and leased land around 50 acres in total, in the area of Nea Redesto near Thessaloniki. The handling, packaging and shipping of our products takes place at company's facilities.

Our Financial statements


In VegiDay we have integrated vertical production procedures in order to manage the whole processing line of our products. From the plant in the nursery or the seeds on the fields to harvest, packaging and distribution.


We do the best for our products. From seeds to delivery we comply with the requirements of Integrated Management Systems in the Agricultural Production.


Our clients are above top brands in Greek Retail Market. We ensure, they will have fresh products, which are certified for their quality, in a daily basis. Working with the best motivates us to constantly improve.
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Nea Raidestos 57001, tel. +302310460214 Greece

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